Jack Adams NO. 1874 Jockstrap Navy XL

Brand: Jack Adams

Product Code: X615-JA1201-NV-X0

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Height: 6.000
Length: 5.750
Diameter: 0.750
The wide waistband, a staple of this retro style jock has been improved. Jack Adams made it a full 3.0 inches and included a softness missing from the jockstraps of the past. Even the rear straps have been widened giving greater support along with a nice lift,the wide waistband and rear straps provide a snug fit and durability needed for a hard work out on or off the field. Made of 70% Polyester, 15% Cotton and 15% Rubber.Navy, XLarge. Chest: 44"-47". Neck: 17"-17.5". Waist: 36"-38".